Hey buffalo. Check out the latest videos we’ve posted on our Youtube channel. The four newest videos are the acoustic portion of a quiet/loud series filmed live at Howlers Coyote Cafe. We will be posting the electric counterparts soon, so stay tuned.

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Playing with The Drowning Men and Gypsy and His Band of Ghosts

We will be playing a show at Club Cafe on Sunday, October 28th with local artist Gypsy and His Band of Ghosts and touring artist The Drowning Men. Tickets are only $8 if you get them from us, rather than $too much from Ticketmaster. Just $8 guarantees you not only an awesome performance by buffalo buffalo buffalo but two additional bands who are also pure awesome. See any one of us for details.

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Thank you to all of you

We’d like to thank everyone who came out on Friday night to the rock room, and an especially large thanks to Acrylic Clouds for opening. They were phenomenal. For those of you that missed us, we’re playing again this Saturday at the Royal Place in Overbrook. Check out our facebook for details as well as any additional upcoming shows. We’ve been working on some new songs and rolling them out gradually, as well as diligently working to put together passable recordings of some of our older songs. In the meantime you can check out our less than passable recordings (I kid, they’re still pretty well done) at our ReverbNation. We hope to see you soon, and stay tune for more exciting news from the house of buffalo.

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Upcoming shows and other misadventures

Next Friday night, come out to see buffalo buffalo buffalo at The Rock Room in Polish hill with opening act to be announced. It will be a later show, around 10PM, with drink specials of some sort and general debauchery. Two weeks from today, buffalo buffalo buffalo will be playing a show with Doomsday Clock and Josie McQueen at The Royal Place, 2660 Library Road. All of this is in preparation for our upcoming EP and descent into the seedy underbelly of rock and roll. If it will entice any of you further to come out, we may be able to promise a limited supply of cookies.

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Corralling the herd

As of August 1st, all four members of buffalo buffalo buffalo will be residing under one roof. This means non-stop rock (or rock preparation) every day. It also means fantastic, sexy buffalo buffalo buffalo cleaning montages set to the Benny Hill theme, or to our own music (we’re kind of narcissistic that way.) It’s a certainty, though, that this will lead to even more songwriting, musical tightness and productivity.

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A Buffalo By Any Other Name

We are a fickle and capricious herd.  We have decided to change the name of our upcoming EP to “Buffalo Make Music”.  The reasoning is fairly simple:  We’ve been using “buffalomakemusic” as our user name on many websites, including this blog, to make for ease of googling.  And, we figured it would make it even easier if our EP had the same title.  Maybe we’ll call the full-length album “Bison Bison”.  Who knows what the future holds?

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Four buffalo in a studio: much like a bull in a china shop

I know we’ve been a bit sparse lately but there are definitely big things in the works. We’ve made some very promising progress on the EP and are looking at a release date of somewhere around the end of September or beginning of October. We’ve got almost all of the tracking done on “Breakup Song” and it sounds phenomenal. We’ve also got the drums completely tracked for everything else, which we hope to continue working on very soon. We’ll be playing July 27th at the Rock Room on Polish hill and on August 4th at The Royal Place on Rt 88, so make sure to stop out if you can.

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